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فارسى و عربى را به روش آسون بخوانيد    


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Asoon Keyboard Layout & Font Installation:


For viewing Asoon Texts, you need to download Asoon font 

Please click here to download: 
Asoon.ttf font

 After downloading, please read how to Install Asoon Font to your Windows System font folder below

Asoon Keyboard

How to Install Asoon Font into your Windows system font folder:

1- From My Computer window, Open Control Panel .

2- In Control Panel window, select Font folder and open it.

3- From File Menu choose Install New Font... 

4- In Add Fonts window, find downloaded ASOON.ttf Font ( usually in My Documents Folder), Click on it and then push OK button.

5- Now, you can go back to visited page and read them in Asoon Alphabet.

* If you have difficulties reading clearly Asoon Text in you monitor screen, you can print them and you will have a laser quality typeface.
* If you have any question or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our technical support group will respond to you as soon as possible.



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